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The Hornet on Broadway opens Drive-Thru

By Steve Vanderploeg Denver, CO - Killer hornets have been all the rage lately, leaving the beloved Baker neighborhood restaurant The Hornet to be forgotten. Many restaurants have had to pivot from their original business plans during the Covid-19 pandemic, and one of the last few South Broadway gems has decided to adapt to the new times as well - by making the SouthEast corner of First and Broadway a brand new drive-thru. While the economic shutdown has forced the American eatery to take extreme measures, this seems to have been in the plans for a while. “Yeah every once and awhile, I’d say maybe every few months, somebody would just come crashing into our windows,” says one of the Hornet’s dishwashers, who has asked to remain anonymous. “It’s not like it's a crazy intersection or anything. People just do crazy things when they’re hungry! Like one time a Honda Accord just through our door, hitting a few tables. They got out, made sure everyone was okay, then ordered a bacon burger and a side salad. They even tipped twenty-five percent! But then it happened again. And a third time, and I said to my manager, ‘we’d save a lot of money if we just built a space for these cars to go instead of getting our walls and windows replaced every few months.’ He agreed and they started working on the plan right away, but a transition like that takes a couple years.” We also reached out to the Hornet’s general manager for an interview, but received only an email that said “Ayy. Eat a Salad.” There was no further response. With the year-long project finally complete, employees posted a large plywood board next to the marquee, that reads #NowADriveThru. For menu and more info, please visit www.hornetrestaurant.com.

Steve Vanderploeg is a stand-up comedian based in Denver, Colorado where he is a regular at Comedy Works, and creator of Rotating Tap Comedy.