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Thanks for Reading!

By Hannah Jones

Thanks for reading our funny little stories and joining us on this weird little journey! Our editorial staff has a lot going on and the weirdly large amount of work that goes into running this project just doesn't make sense for us anymore!

With this website we have generated $2.5k of generous donations from our readers, $1.5k of which has already been distributed to local Denver comedians (!!). After covering initial fees, there is $846.25 in the Westish account that will go to further help comedians who have been financially effected by this hellish year. The site will still be live until next June, when we'll pack it up and go our ways, god willing with COVID vaccines in our bodies and a newfound appreciation for the health and safety of our community.

Comedians: if you would like to apply for some of the remaining donation money, please write a little bit about what you need the money for in an email to westishnews@gmail.com.

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