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Shotgun Willie Actually Prefers William

By Hannah Jones

In this edition of our series on influential Denver business owners, we sat down with the Glendale strip club mogul William B. Jamison, known to most as “Shotgun Willie."

Q: So, Willie, thanks so much for agreeing to this interview.

A: Can you actually refer to me by my full name? Willie was actually a nickname that I prefer to distance myself from.

Q: Wait… You don’t go by Willie? But you named your business after it.

A: Yeah, actually I named my business “William B. Jamison’s Girls & Booze” and a group of neighborhood bullies just referred to it as Shotgun Willie’s (because of that time I shot my friend in the leg accidentally). They called it that so much that it was just a nightmare to keep all the invoices straight so I eventually changed the name. But shooting my friend in the leg by accident is a deeply traumatic memory for me and I would prefer to go by William now.

Q: Wait, you shot your friend in the leg? By Accident? What about gun safety?

A: Listen, I’m telling you I really don’t want to talk about it.

Q: You didn’t serve any time?

A: It’s really not a happy memory for me.

Q: And all of your friends gave you the nickname as if it was like a funny mistake?

(at this point, our interview was cut short due to William pulling out a gun and threatening our reporter with violence. The reporter is safe and uninjured.)

Hannah is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of Westish News. She is a writer, improvisor, and stand up comedian based in Denver, CO, and you can find more of her satire writing on her personal website, HannahJonesCool.com (because she is very cool.)

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