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Rockies blame KPop Stans and TikTok Teens for low attendance: "They've been doing this since 2009"

By Philip Cenedella

Rockies general manager Jeff Bridich is used to seeing low attendance numbers at Coors Field - he was just never sure why. "Is it because I haven't invested in our farm system or signed a significant player in the past 5 years? Absolutely not." But after seeing how K-pop fans and TikTok teens took down President Tr*mp's rally in Tulsa, OK, Bridich had his answer. "They've been doing the same thing to us for years now, and it's not fair! These kids should want to come out to the ballpark. Haven't they seen The Rooftop? It's lit. It has a fireplace." When told that TikTok has only become popular in the past year or so, Bridich asked, "Well, what was before TikTok? Vine? Okay, then...Vine. Whatever. But it's still not my fault." He also mentioned they'll stop carding for alcohol purchases and will allow cannabis consumption in the stadium in an attempt to attract younger fans. "We'll be super chill. Promise."

Phil has lived in Colorado since 2013 and works in the finance industry.

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