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Renaissance Festival Cancelled Due to Plague

By Steve Vanderploeg Larkspur, Colorado - The King of Colorado’s annual renaissance festival locked down the entire village Friday, issuing a safer-in-dwelling order amidst safety concerns over Coronavirus. This issue is in effect for everyone not considered essential to the Kingdom, including all lords, ladies and noble types. We reached out to festival representative Sir Galileo William, who has sold fresh pickles at the fest every day for the past 8 years. “Tis a tragedy the King hath struck down thy new creed from thine thrown! Though I hath wrought at thine labor no Duke of Pickles hath witnessed before, I bow down to the Good King Tyranny’s feet and worship for what he hath given! Thine plague is upon us once more, and thine King knoweth best.” William, 34, Also mentioned that while this has not been his primary source of income, his associate position at Game Stop furloughed him in March. He recently filed for unemployment through the state of Colorado, but is optimistic about returning to work soon. “In a later year, we shall be able to frolic in our alleys and pubs once more, to which I say, ‘Huzzah!’ But for now, I fear, it is best to cower from the enemy thy cannot see with thine own eyes!” William stated.

Steve Vanderploeg is a stand-up comedian based in Denver, Colorado where he is a regular at Comedy Works, and creator of Rotating Tap Comedy.

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