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Police Removed from Denver Schools; DPD Officers Worry They'll Never Learn to Read Now

By Hannah Jones

Last Thursday evening the Denver Public Schools Board of Education voted unanimously to end DPS’s contract with the police department. This is a huge victory for those looking to remove systemic racism from our education system, but not all of Denver PD are in support of the move. Officer Gerald Finch told us “without my placement in a local Denver high school, I’ll never be able to catch up on all of the education that I missed when I was violently threatening my classmates to prepare for my chosen career path.”

Other DPD personnel echoed Finch’s concerns; “we hire specifically based on how poorly you did in high school,” said police chief Paul Pazen, “so a key part of our department’s continuing education is our contract with DPS, where officers are able to brutalize both in and out of the classroom.”

Education isn’t the only thing DPD will be missing out on based on the new resolution. Many officers cited the loss of meaningful relationships with students. “I remember this one kid, Josh,” said Officer Mark Bandwitz, “he would always be so scared to see me, I mean like really traumatized [laughs], but I told him ‘don’t worry, bud, I’m like a bee; I'm way more scared of you than you are of me, so I’ll only shoot you if I think maybe you are considering even kind of having a weapon on you.’ And that was a great friendship.”

Hannah is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of Westish News. She is a writer, improvisor, and stand up comedian based in Denver, CO, and you can find more of her satire writing on her personal website, HannahJonesCool.com (because she is very cool.)

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