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"Native" Coloradan Admits State’s Biggest Problem Might Not Currently Be Californians

By Zeke Herrera

Last Tuesday, local IPA enthusiast Dennis Cody was reportedly down in the dumps from the news lately. Sources report that Dennis was complaining about the ills of society. Normally this wouldn’t be something to report about except when you bring into account that those very same sources also report that nowhere in his monologue on government reform were Californians mentioned once. In 2019 nearly 80% of Dennis’ rants involved people with different license plates than him, according to this years current pole that number has since fallen over 60% down to 17%, which mostly took place in January. When reached for comment Dennis had this to say:

“I just think with all the things going on I could stand to be a little more tolerant. You have to be the change you want to see in the world. I can’t expect ICE to not kidnap children if I can’t even set aside my differences long enough to share a bowl of green chili.”

Sources report that he absolutely could and should expect that, green chili or not.

We’ll be checking in on this story more when new information develops.

Editor's note: This article is about a self-described (and incorrectly described)"Native" Coloradan who is not actually a native Coloradan because his ancestors came here and stole land from native Coloradans.

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