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Mutiny Information Cafe Reopens Safely; Despite Owners Intrinsic Need to “Break the Rules”

By Christie Buchele

DENVER, Colo.-- The South Broadway community is starting to return to normal this week with the opening of neighborhood favorite Mutiny Information Cafe. While the shop has remained partially open through the shut down with a to go window they are now allowing customers inside 6 at a time. “I like to look at the to-go window as a glory hole for coffee but it’s just not the same” Robby Turner, a close resident lamented.

In order to open up, Mutiny owners, Matt Mega C and Jim Norris have had to embrace following the rules, something that is quite foreign to both of them. Norris explained the new restrictions. “We are limiting the number of customers in the shop, in order to come in they must wear facemasks, practice social distancing and they can’t be Nazi’s.” While the last rule has always been in place, Mutiny Information Cafe is providing a path forward for many small businesses. If punks can follow the rules, so can you.

Matt Mega C explained, “We love sticking it to the Man like the rest of you, but right now, the Man is essentially just the Hamburger Helper mitten covered in Doritos cheese. It’s not even fun anymore, and now is not the time.”

So put on your masks. Enjoy the lighter traffic and empty streets, it’ll never feel this close to old Denver again. Most importantly, stop into your favorite bookstore, Mutiny Information Cafe, grab a coffee, buy a book and start making lists of all the rules you’ll break when this is over.

Christie Buchele (@cabuchsy) is a Stand-Up Comedian, Comedy Teacher at Voodoo Comedy, and Comedy Works Regular.

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