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Michigan Mother Still Posting Photos on Facebook From Her Weekend Trip To Breckenridge in 2015

By Tyler Holme

In a wild display of dedication, Michigan mother of one, Patti Lindholm, 65, has been posting photos from her trip to Breckenridge, Colorado on Facebook every day for the last 5 years. Patti’s Facebook friends say she made the trip out to Breckenridge in 2015 to visit her son, Tin, who had just moved west to pursue a career in Frisbee Golf. That three-day weekend has since provided her with enough social media content for half a decade.

“It seems to be more about quantity over quality,” said Vince Rollo, an old high school friend of Patti’s who gets borderline violent when you talk bad about the University of Michigan football team even though he never went there. “For a while, I thought she was accidentally posting the same picture of a tree, but nope. It was 57 slightly different photos of the same tree. Go Blue!” he added.

Patti has been posting with reckless abandon for 1,825 days straight and quality control indeed does not appear to be a high priority. It doesn’t matter if she blinked in every photo within a series of selfies at the Breckenridge Distillery, or left her finger over part of the lens while trying to take a picture of her hotel key. If she took the picture, she posted the picture, ever so often writing “Wow,” “Beautiful,” or the heart eye emoji in the photo’s caption.

According to Vince, tragedy struck in 2018 when it was discovered that the original photo album Patti had been uploading these photos to on Facebook was spelled, ‘Beckenridge.’ “Patti was devastated,” said Vince. “She deleted the whole album and started reposting the photos individually, along with new ones! She’s been doing double time ever since.”

But who are these photos for, exactly? A quick scroll through Patti’s timeline revealed that all 15,000 Breckenridge related photos posted since 2015 were liked by her three friends from the store, Cindee, Cindeee, and Sydney.

“I just love them all so much,” said either Cindee or Cindeee. “Every time I see one of Patti’s ColoPhotos, as I like to call them, I can’t help but smile. I actually thought she posted a new photo of her and Tin the other day, but then I realized it couldn’t be because he didn’t have his tribal neck tattoo yet.” Maybe it was Sydney who said this?

We reached out to Tin to get his thoughts on his mother’s excessive posting and he immediately slid into our DM’s. “It broke her. Breckenridge’s boundless beauty absolutely broke her. Luckily she struck a deal with Breckenridge’s tourism board. Now every time she posts, she makes bookoo bucks,” wrote Tin, later adding the link to his Soundcloud page.

As of press time, Patti’s most popular photo is a blurry picture of a nondescript Breckenridge trail. Not the sun peeking through the trees or a beautiful view of a mountain valley. Just the ground, with the caption: “Beautiful.”

Tyler is a comedy writer and award-winning filmmaker currently based in Denver, Colorado. His short films have screened in festivals across the globe and his comedy writing has been published on websites across the internet. Tyler now runs a production company with his buddy Ben. Ben’s a really good guy, you’d like him too.

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