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“I Don’t See Color,” Says Bailey Man Who Moved to Mountains for the View

By Jeff Stonic

Irony comes in many forms. This time, it’s from a mountain man who loves all of what nature has to offer, except for the multitudes of people existing in it.

Benjamin Düsseldorf, a Bailey, CO-resident who is gaining traction on Tik-Tok for his comments, isn’t letting up on that message.

“So what if I tik-toked how I don’t see color? I say it to my neighbors all the time up here and I wanted my nephews in Ohio to hear what I have to say, too,” Düsseldorf said. “Nature’s got a lot of great shapes, you know. Trees may be green, but they’re also triangles, some times.”

Düsseldorf said his comments weren’t related to the recent protests responding to police brutality. He only interacts with society during his bi-weekly runs to the Costco in Littleton.

“You keep mentioning irony, but how about the fact that you’re a white writer writing about race on a site with articles written by mostly other white people?” Düsseldorf continued. “Why call me out on my mountain tik-tok views when you and that outlet you represent can still do better?”

The interview digressed into a lengthy dialogue on how individuals can do better by listening to one another during these divisive times. Each party agreed that all readers should donate to their local Black Lives Matter chapter.

Jeff Stonic (like tonic) is a comic from Wisconsin living and working in Denver. With a background in improv comedy, he's appeared twice in the Upright Citizen Brigades' Del Close Marathon and now produces with Deadroom Comedy.

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