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From Makers Of Disney on Ice, Comes Racist on Wheels

By Meghan DePonceau

Yesterday, a sentient cheese puff intentionally hit a man protesting the death of George Floyd, in Downtown Denver with her car. Today, a photo of the driver has surfaced. It features a chicken finger of a human flipping off her middle finger to a black protester before trying to kill him, in the middle of a protest against extreme violence & force used on Black Americans.

Most Americans would be capable of reading the room, but not this mayo dipped french fry. She wanted her chance at Amy Cooper fame and decided to roll out her one woman show in the middle of the worst place possible. Disney is considering picking it up for next season.

Now, citizens of Denver are sharing her photo across social media, in hopes of identifying this lard marinated goldfish. Denver residents will spend the next week scouring through yoga studios, spin classes and margarita Monday happy hours. Unfortunately, finding this moldy vanilla yogurt of a person will be as difficult as picking out a specific bearded man at a brewery's new IPA release. She has no Identifying characteristics or interesting personality traits beyond spreading hate. It's going to be rough when she finds out her best friend Jessica will be the one to sell this worm infested cantaloupe out, as a result of a white savior complex.

The Westish Staff is saddened by the injustice in our country and urges you to donate to the Minnesota Freedom Fund

Made from embers of the lovable Dumpster Fire that is Buffalo New York Meghan DePonceau has blood made of Frank's Red Hot & the spicy mouth to prove it. For her passions of giggle making & hooch slinging, DePonceau opened Wide Right, a bar and comedy venue in the Ballpark neighborhood of Denver, CO

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