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Forrest Fenn Finds Own Treasure Because Times Are Tight

By Sarah Yaffe

Undisclosed Location in the Rocky Mountains - With 40,000,000 Americans unemployed, even recluse millionaire Forrest Fenn felt the effects of the shutdown. Ten years after penning “The Thrill of The Chase”, Fenn never expected to be chasing his own riches to pay for retirement. Chartering a private jet, the treasure hunter left Santa Fe for the lush evergreen forests of the Rocky Mountains. Fenn spent three months during lockdown sweeping the complex maze of Colorado’s backcountry for his chests. Clues like “Begin it where the warm waters halt” and “Put in below the home of Brown“ didn’t age well. Had he not tripped on a large chest while glamping near Loveland, Colorado, Fenn may never have found the $1M treasure. Just like yesteryear, the jewels and gold nuggets still gleamed in the hot sun and his eye. Fenn snapped a photo for his website and disappeared back into the unknown. Sightings of the 89-year-old celebrating at Shotgun Willie’s are greatly exaggerated.

Sarah lives in Cap Hill with her unironic chiweenie, Roz. She hopes to make people laugh outside Slack once comedy starts back up again.

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