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Denver Snow Plow Union Demands Time and a Half for Working in Summer

By Evan Smith

While most in Denver were celebrating Labor Day with “socially distant” cookouts and hiking amidst the wildfires, the Denver Snow Plow Union was in eleventh hour negotiations before taking to the streets Tuesday morning.

Union President Brian North released the following statement in regards to their talks with the city: “The Denver Snow Plow Union will refuse to provide any services to the city of Denver until our demands for time and a half pay are met. Our annual contract makes no mention of plowing in the summertime. As such, no plowing will commence without a signed deal from Mayor Hancock.”

With plowing taking place primarily in the winter, Mr. North noted that he would have to recall many of his operators from their seasonal summer gigs. “A lot of my drivers were already working the holiday weekend,” he continued, “It will be jarring for them to be delivering packages or selling ice cream in the neighborhood one day, and then be plowing those same streets the next.”

Mr. North provided a list of reasons that the city would need to capitulate. These reasons included the influx of residents from places like California and Texas. “They’ve never even seen snow before and you expect them to be able to drive down Broadway in the snow without wiping out The Hornet?” Other reasons included providing cleared parking lots for grocery stores, open bike lanes for scooters, and predicting that at 5am all on-ramps to I-70 would already be jammed by eager skiers trying to get a chance at that one open run at Arapahoe Basin

Mr. North is confident that the deal will go through. At the time of publication he was at the garage in his plow waiting for a call from the mayor, but also said that even if the plow deal is accepted the fight won’t necessarily be over. “We’re making a great deal for the plow drivers, but we’ve got nothing in writing about how these roads are going to get salted.”

Evan is a stand-up comic in Denver who also writes software on the side (full-time). He can usually be found taking pictures of his dog and/or showing people (his wife) pictures he’s taken of his dog.

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