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Denver's 8pm Howl Interrupted by 8:02pm "Who Wants a Treat?"

By Hannah Jones Denver’s nightly 8pm howl has been a local hit, heard in neighborhoods all over the county and beyond. However, what once was an enormous wave of sound has now been interrupted by various distractions such as treats, squirrels, a mailman, and of course, the human pulling out the leash. Fans of the tradition have said that the howl expresses a need to connect in a community of people isolated due to the COVID-19 crisis. Unfortunately, no one we chatted with was able to finish the interview because just then a ball rolled by. One local howler, Meredith Crouch, said she howls for her immunocompromised father, who she cannot currently visit due to the risk of exposing him. We asked her how she was coping with the anxiety of the situation, but we then had to cut the interview short as she began to lick her own testicles.

Hannah is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of Westish News. She is a writer, improvisor, and stand up comedian based in Denver, CO, and you can find more of her satire writing on her personal website, HannahJonesCool.com (because she is very cool.)

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