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Denver Police Pledge to Beat Systemic Racism as Soon as They Find Him

By Elliot Weber

Westish News caught up with Denver Police Department (DPD) Public Relations Correspondent Brad Clarke. Clarke made Denver Police Departments' priorities clear, stating, "The Denver Police Department is here to serve the people of this city. The citizens have spoken, and we have listened. The public has identified Systemic Racism as a threat, and we will not stop until it is beaten."

DPD has dedicated a task force composed of head detectives and sketch artists working solely to take down Systemic Racism. Local witnesses have described the perpetrator as a white male 35-50 years old dressed in a blue uniform. Some residents have suggested DPD launch an internal investigation as some officers match witness descriptions. Clarke responded hesitantly, saying, "Systemic Racism is unlikely to exist within the Police Force. Every Police Academy graduate undergoes vigorous training and vetting before they join the force." Clarke did not comment on the specifics of this process. Independent research from Wesish News found Police Academy Cadets must have a GED and take an oath before training is complete.

In his closing remarks, Clarke wanted to remind the citizens of Denver that the Police Department exists to serve them. He encouraged communication between civilians and those in uniform to identify threats to public safety and work together to beat them.

Elliot is a Denver based stand-up comedian and writer. He has performed at Comedy Festivals across the Southwest and Pride events across the country. He is a member of the comedy group DeadRoom Comedy. Instagram @elliotaweber and @deadroomcomedy

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