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Denver Musicians Unite Online To Record 15-Minute Prog-core Cover Of "Imagine"

By Andre Stenkov

Inspired by the March viral video of celebrities singing the John Lennon song Imagine, Denver’s music scene has decided to release a version with a uniquely local spin.

Titled “Imagine_Denver_Final_Final2”, the video was uploaded to YouTube at approximately 2:30 AM on Sunday. It showcases the creative magnitude of a music scene that’s largely been unable to perform for the last two months. Just like Gal Godot’s original upload, Denver’s cover of Imagine features roughly two dozen different local acts each singing a line from the classic song.

Unlike the original video, however, Denver’s cover of the song is 15 minutes long and features an aggressive combination of post-prog composition with some low-fi mastering that clashes with occasional pockets of club-pop remixing.

Denver’s video starts with local ska band Titanical playing an instrumental lead-in before cutting to the gloom-thrash act Angels of Treachery who repeat the phrase “imagine there’s no heaven” multiple times in an aggressive, low growl. Although the song only has five versus of approximately four sentences each, the 35 different musicians each felt the need to add their own musical embellishments.

Highlights include Capitol Hill rapper Ku$h!King taking visible bong rips during his lines around the midpoint of the song. Shortly after, RiNo hardcore act Guns of the Symphony punctuated their line with an absolutely chuggtastic, 95 seconds breakdown. Although gloomcore act Skinwolf had a solid 15 seconds of frantic muttering, the real highlight of their segment was the brief camera shake that revealed a DIY tattoo parlor set up in their garage rehearsal space.

The star of the video was unquestionably the unnamed post-prog musician that took over in the last 4 minutes of the song. Wearing a full-face mask with an ungodly amount of zippers and a catalogue of 2008’s finest Tripp clothing. This longhaired maestro closed the song with an absolutely dissonant soundscape remixed from audio of John Lennon’s assassination with a decidedly melodic neosynth backing track and face melting 7-string guitar solo.

Westish has confirmed that this epic collaboration was the brainchild of Denver-based metal drummer Eric White. As one of Denver’s few drummers, he’s been unable to practice with any of the 8 bands that he plays with, and needed something to fill the time. Setting up the projects was just a matter of calling up his bandmates in March and finally recording the collaboration when their schedules finally synched up in May.

“It’s nice to see everything coming together,” said White on a Zoom call with Westish. “Projects like this show the world what Denver does best: combining popular stuff with a healthy dose of Mile High Obsession.” It’s unknown if he was speaking to the musical dedication of the artists involved or simply plugging Mile High Obsession, a popular strain of sativa edibles that are frequently consumed before weeknight concerts.

Andre Stenkov is a Denver-based writer, comedian, and doomsday prophet. In his spare time, he enjoys boobytrapping his house and other healthy, social activities.

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