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Denver Drummer in Need of Girlfriend (Housing) Amidst Pandemic

By Brad Galli These are uncertain times for all Denver musicians. The mandated stay-at-home order and the prohibition of large gatherings has eliminated all live-performance for the foreseeable future. Musicians need the money from live performances to pay their bills and this pandemic has left so many of them in a less than ideal situation. But one of the worst hits has been the elimination of standard housing sources (casual dating) for local musicians. Frank DiSanto, drummer of local jam band the Crunchy Chunks, and his girlfriend split up after two years of dating in early March and the timing couldn’t have been worse. “We had a great little thing (I lived at her apartment rent-free for 15 months) going,” said the 33 year old DiSanto. "Why did she have to break my heart? What did I do?” (Frank cheated on his girlfriend with a 19 year old). DiSanto has spent most of his days since the quarantine started scouring Facebook, Instagram and occasionally Only Fans looking for a girlfriend (Place to Sleep). “Everyone deserves love (a kind woman to take advantage of) in times like these” said the bearded percussionist. DiSanto expressed that he was not the only Denver drummer in this predicament. “I have so many drummer homies that are single (couchsurfing) right now and the unpredictability of it all is driving some of them to smoke two packs of American Spirits a day. I mean, where is your heart (why aren't you as naive as you used to be) ladies of Denver?” Despite all of this, DiSanto is still trying to look on the bright side of things. “Even though shit is like crazy fucked up right now, and I’m single (homeless) and hungry (Frank has eaten food everyday at his parent’s house in Littleton) I know that things could still be way worse” (Frank could be a bassist). “When life takes everything away from you, you gotta focus on the little things (Your trust-fund) to keep you going.” We caught up with Frank via Zoom about two weeks after doing this interview, and we are happy to tell you that even though Frank is still single (homeless) this pandemic has brought DiSanto and his family closer than they’ve been in years (Frank is living at home and his dad is fucking pissed).

Brad Galli is comedian, foodrunner and baseball enthusiast based in Denver, CO. He hosts and produces a comedy show called Study Hall the last Wednesday of every month at Call To Arms Brewing

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