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Denver Baristas Work from Home by Putting on Bon Iver and Scowling

Updated: May 10, 2020

By Hannah Jones The COVID-19 crisis continues to have economic ramifications throughout the world. We talked to Denver barista Michelle Sharp, 25, who is trying to stay positive while out of work. “It’s important to create routines for yourself when you spend your day at home. That way you don’t go completely crazy. For me, that means waking up every morning and asking my pet ferret if whole milk is okay.” Michelle described the ways that she is able to work from home: “I start by getting super high, so I feel like I’m back in the shop. I queue up some Bon Iver or Phoebe Bridgers and just try to make it really obvious what kind of mood I’m in. Then I just relax in my arm chair and mutter ‘I can’t make an iced cappuccino’ to no one in particular.” We’ll continue covering the economic crisis in detail. For now, Michelle assures us that her federal unemployment check is more than she has ever made in coffee and she has no problem with the shop’s closure extending into May.

Hannah is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of Westish News. She is a writer, improvisor, and stand up comedian based in Denver, CO, and you can find more of her satire writing on her personal website, HannahJonesCool.com (because she is very cool.)

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