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Construction Sounds Outside 7th Circle Mistaken for Avant Garde Concert Series

By André Stenkov

Hopes for a resurgence of Denver's music scene were briefly rekindled on Sunday when parking lot construction outside of 7th Circle Music hall was mistaken for an Avant Garde project. Two total hours of construction sound were captured and uploaded in a YouTube video titled "Post Noise Enochian Ambiance; Who Are They????". This video shows an empty stage and some wooden pallets accompanied by the sounds of jackhammers, cement mixers, and the occasional truck beeper. By the end of the weekend, the video already had a whopping 120 views. While 7th Circle has declined to comment, social feeds around Denver have been abuzz in support of this new act. "It's really exciting," said the uploader of the original video who spoke to us on condition of anonymity for fear of having his poser-sounding real name printed. "We were getting pretty bummed about the lack of shows in Denver and BAM! Along comes this Avant Garde noise band that totally blows out our minds and amplifiers." After pausing to huff from an unlit clove cigarette, our source continued. "It was sick, man. Nasty even. At one point, they did this breakdown where everyone was shouting in this cryptic language. I think it was like Enochian or something? Maybe Latin?" The incident that he was referring to happened when a pipe burst and the construction crew began shouting at each other in Spanish. "I hope we see more of them. The energy around the venue was really solid. Good crowd." While Westish has not confirmed crowd size, it is likely that the high Avant Garde turnout referred to a cleaning crew of 4 that were observing social distancing. This is the second time this month that a cleaning crew, spread out and clad head-to-toe in protective gear, have been confused for post-noise groupies.

André Stenkov is a Denver-based writer, comedian, and doomsday prophet. In his spare time, he enjoys think about trees.

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