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Colorado Meteorologist Fired for Finally Making an Accurate Statement

By Cody Ullrich

With unpredictable weather in Colorado, the only accurate statement residents can count on from local weathercasters is “there will be weather”. Denver meteorologist Marty Coniglio has provided weather forecasts to the front range since 1989 and he finds himself under fire for breaking ranks as a meteorologist and finally saying something accurate.

This all changed recently when Coniglio posted a tweet comparing the recent deployment of federal troops into non-consenting states to similar occupations in Nazi Germany. Much like events that marked the beginning of the most evil man in recorded history, the federal government of the United States sent federal agents in unmarked vehicles to detain dissenting protesters in Portland, Oregon. While the American version of Operation Hummingbird has not become a full parallel, pointing out the similarities between recent events and early fascist takeovers is an observation described in a way Coloradoans seldom describe statements from meteorologists- accurate.

Shortly after his Twitter post, Coniglio was let go from his long standing position at 9News. Westish spoke with an independent news programmer from another network, Tammy Watson, who described why she would make a similar decision if a meteorologist from her team made an accurate statement.

“Inaccurate weather forecasts are a staple of Colorado reporting. The local news stations gathered together many years ago and it was agreed that they all got a sick thrill from leaving residents guessing when they should plan a picnic or a camping trip,” Tammy said. “You’ll never see me with a bigger smile than when I see uncomfortable pedestrians walking down Broadway wearing hoodies in 80-degree weather. Have you seen the look on the face of a person in shorts as snowflakes start to fall? With meteorologists making accurate statements, this thrill may be gone forever.”

Coniglio may no longer be a weatherman in Colorado, but many support his choice to move on from reporting on storms to reporting on Storm Troopers.

Cody Ullrich is a Denver-born writer, comedian, and musician.

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