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Colorado Avalanche Undefeated Against Backcountry Skiers

By Cody Ullrich Looking back at a successful season, the Colorado Avalanche buried the competition. Backcountry skiers entered the home field of Avalanche country, hoping to escape with a victory, but they were met with a suffocating defense. Skiers could hardly make it past the blue line, the line above which temperatures are so low that skin turns blue. Sergei Schvetznikovsky, transplant from the Czech ski league, was found upside down after what he described as a “bad turnover”. He explained his experience in broken English.

“We did not expect [such a] cold reception,” said Schvetznikovsky, after being dug out. “We thought speed would being enough for to beat fast Avalanche.”

Many factors have caused these victories, including the melting-ice-cap era which has leveled the playing field. Spectators came from all around to see the Avalanche, backing up traffic along I-70. They have truly been a spectacle to see this season and the message has been sent to backcountry skiers- be careful and watch out because the Colorado Avalanche will get you.

Cody Ullrich is a Denver-born writer, comedian, and musician.

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