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Cherry Creek Mom Upset to Learn Collagen Masks Don’t Count

By Kate Strobel Denver’s mask mandate requires that citizens wear face coverings when entering public spaces. Unfortunately, not all masks meet the city’s requirements. This has caused confusion in many of Denver’s neighborhoods, including affluent Cherry Creek. Most notably, women wearing age-defying collagen masks—which cover every part of the face except the nose and mouth—have been turned away from their local Whole Foods in record numbers. “Not being allowed inside the grocery store is frustrating, especially given that my face is covered,” said Kelly Livingston, Cherry Creek resident and mother of three. Like many Cherry Creek moms, Kelly thought wearing a collagen mask in public would be a great way to simultaneously run errands and reduce fine lines caused by the stress of quarantine. “The past two months have wreaked havoc on my skin. It’s extremely stressful being trapped in my house with three children who need my attention at all hours of the day,” grumbled Kelly in reference to her 7,023 square foot home. Still, Kelly remains hopeful that, as the state reopens, she will be able to get an appointment with her plastic surgeon to enhance her existing botox and fillers—providing a taut forehead that she will proudly showcase above a city-approved face covering. “Once I’m able to get in for a touch-up, I will gladly wear a cloth mask,” Kelly continued. “No one can tell if I’m happy or upset without a mask anyway, so it’s not a big change for me.”

Kate Strobel is a stand-up comedian, writer, and voice actor based in Denver, CO

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