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C&C Coffee and Kitchen Makes Waves as First Non-Leftist Coffee Shop

By Hannah Jones C&C Coffee and Kitchen, a Castle Rock breakfast spot, remained open on Mother’s day this year in strong defiance of Governor Polis’s closure of restaurants and bars. In a viral video clip, visitors can be seen packed close together without any medical masks in sight, a huge departure from the typical breakfast cafe stereotype. We talked to a Castle Rock local, Bethany Short, who gave us the scoop; “When you think coffee place, you think liberal-leaning, radical communist, open mic poetry, that-one-scene-in-Les-Mis, Viva-La-Revolucion, you know? It’s weird to see a bunch of ridiculous #plandemic Trump supporters gallivanting without masks in what was supposed to be a liberal arts student safe haven!” It’s true; can we imagine Monica & company from Friends going to the Central Perk during a pandemic? Well, no, but that’s because the 90s were a blissful dream-state where we pretended the apocalypse wasn’t nigh. Bethany continued, “I’m glad they shut down. Not even because of COVID-19, but because when I order a double oat milk cappuccino I damn well expect it to be served with a side of universal healthcare, tax the rich, woman’s-right-to-choose, STAY HOME DURING A PANDEMIC ideology!”

Hannah is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of Westish News. She is a writer, improvisor, and stand up comedian based in Denver, CO, and you can find more of her satire writing on her personal website, HannahJonesCool.com (because she is very cool.)

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