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Butterfly Pavilion Postpones Monarch Madness, Instead Debuts: Bunch of F*cking Moths

By Leslie Hernandez

Have you seen a lot of moths in your neighborhood lately? Have you noticed them as you stare out your window longing for the days when you could go out? Have you been swarmed by them when you try to take out the garbage or crack open the back door for a breeze? Well that’s all thanks to the new interactive experience brought to you by the Butterfly Pavillion!

“We thought we’d try to bring the immersive insect experience to all the students at home that had to miss their spring field trips to the center!” Eric Mendez, Head of Operations for the organization, told us in our Skype interview. “I guess we’ll just have to wait for the monarch exhibit once all this is over. But for now, Bunch of F*cking Moths in May!”

After crunching the numbers and realizing how much releasing tons of butterflies into the wild would cost, the Butterfly pavilion settled on moths for the experience. Residents of the Denver metro area definitely have strong feelings about the program. Some have even taken to posting to their social media with comments like, “What’s up with all these moths everywhere?” or “Dude, a moth totally flew into my mouth on my bike ride yesterday, wtf?!”

"People have been loving it!" Mendez said. He also hinted if the pavilion needs to stay closed longer than currently projected, they might organize another interactive experience some time in June. “We’re still brainstorming, but something around our beloved Rosie would be cool.”

Leslie Hernandez is a valley girl and self-proclaimed ice cream connoisseur living the dream in Denver since 2012.

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