Founder, Editor-in-chief

Hannah is a stand up comedian, writer, and improvisor based in Denver, Colorado. After being homeschooled in a religious co-op, her irreverent takes on sex, religion, and politics are as original as they are deeply uncomfortable for her mother to hear. 

She performs weekly on the improv team Barkley and you can find her writing in Apt, Split Lip, Atlantis, and more. This year she was invited to the Beast Village and High Plains comedy festivals. Above all of that, she holds the career defining title of the 2007 Fayetteville Christian Homeschool Chess Club's "Most Improved," and has been improving ever since. 

Editor & Director of Marketing

Made from embers of the lovable Dumpster Fire that is Buffalo New York Meghan DePonceau has blood made of Frank's Red Hot & the spicy mouth to prove it. For her passions of giggle making & hooch slinging, DePonceau opened Wide Right, a bar and comedy venue in the Ballpark neighborhood of Denver, CO. DePonceau left behind her previous career as a ruthless bookie, to produce comedy shows including unCORKED!, Shanty Town, Amuse Booze & Hot Buns. Her writing has been published by Funny or Die, Suspect Press, Barf Magazine and her storytelling has been featured on RISK! , Unsent, We Still Like You & the Narrators podcasts.

Cody Ullrich was born in Denver and brought up as a devout Coloradoan who holds an innate love of Golden Retrievers and refers to water as "snowmelt". He is an editor and contributor for Westish with a joy for writing satire and comedic pieces. Cody is also a stand up comic, a musician, and a huge Colorado Avalanche fan that you may run into around Denver.